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Kevin Appleby and I discuss how to run an away day event for your team on his GrowCFO Podcast. Click the image to check it out.
Jeff Brown and I dive into my book on his Read To Lead Podcast. Click the image to check it out.


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Digital Press Kit


Book Summary

Gain the courage and confidence to lead any event with any group, any time!

Social phobia is one of the most common fears humans can experience. It includes the fear of public speaking and the fear of appearing incompetent or stupid to others. Both fears can exist when you lead an event. So, imagine having to lead a group and getting them to work with each other to achieve a collective goal!

To make matters worse, many people don't know how to run effective meetings. According to The Doodle State of Meetings Report 2019, professionals spent 2 hours a week in pointless meetings, which added up to over $541bn worth of wasted resources in 2019.

The Fearless Facilitator addresses both problems head-on! It aims to equip the reader with a proven plan to eliminate any fear associated with leading a group event. It will also show them how to prepare and conduct a spectacular event and avoid the most challenging situations that they fear. The book contains three parts:


  1. The Iceberg: Part one focuses on a seven-step process that will show the reader how to plan and prepare for a successful event. The plan will help to reduce challenging situations and increase the chances of success.

  2. The Shield: Part two provides six simple yet effective techniques to help the reader defend themselves from difficult questions. It will take the stress away from Q&A.

  3. The Swan: Part three focuses on challenging behaviours and provides tried and tested ways of addressing them while protecting the relationship with the group.


Using the proven plan and applying the tips and techniques will give the reader everything they need to become a Fearless Facilitator.

Book Trailer



"I love making a positive difference to the people I help. To see someone's face light up when they realise they can do something they thought wasn't possible is an amazing feeling. It's why I do what I do."

Paul is a leadership development expert who help leaders develop their people skills. He is a conference speaker, facilitator, coach, and author.

When Paul became a Management Consultant, he needed to address his fear of public speaking to save his career. He did this by becoming an internal trainer and facilitator. The training role sparked a passion for helping others to:

  • Develop their leadership skills

  • Improve their communication and relationship skills

  • Increase their impact and influence with others

  • Develop trusting, collaborative, and engaged teams

  • Design, and facilitate effective and engaging events

  • Overcome their fear of public speaking and leading events


That passion continues today. Over the last twenty years, Paul has facilitated hundreds of events reaching over 10,000 people worldwide, both face-to-face and virtually.

He believes in continuous growth, which has led him to be a certified speaker and facilitator with the John Maxwell Team, an approved ProReal coach, a Whole Brain Thinking practitioner, and a licensed facilitator with the Arbinger Institute.

His favourite event is the ‘Train-the-Trainer’ course, which helps leaders and aspiring trainers to succeed in developing others. Whatever happens in that course can be turned into a learning opportunity.

He lives in the East Midlands in the United Kingdom, is married to Emma and has two children, Thomas and Poppy, who help him maintain a healthy perspective on life, and remind him his jokes are not that funny.

About the Author


Anyone who wants to lead successful meetings, workshops, or training events and need help to:

1. Overcome their fear of leading events and standing up in front others. They require structure and proven techniques that will give them the confidence and skills to overcome any debilitating anxiety.

2. Overcome their fear of being derailed during their events. It takes courage to stand up and speak in front of others but a lot of people remain fearful of having to deal with unexpected situations, difficult questions and challenging behaviours during their events. The book aims to help the reader overcome their fear of being derailed by providing helpful (and proven) coping strategies.

3. Improve the quality, engagement and effectiveness of their events. Some people may have no fear of leading events but they need help to make them more engaging and focused. The book covers tips and techniques that will help any leader make their event both memorable and successful. 

Target audience


In an effort to help you prepare for an interview, I’ve put together some suggested questions to make you look like an expert without reading the book.

  • In 60 seconds, what is The Fearless Facilitator about?

  • What inspired you to write the book?

  • What's the cost of poorly organised meetings?

  • What value does a facilitator bring to an event?

  • In the book, there are three main sections called The Iceberg, The Shield and The Swan. Can you tell me how the section titles relate to the content?

  • There's a chapter in the book about venues which covers how to set up your room for an event. This suggests the book is aimed at face-to-face events only. Is that the case?

  • There's also a chapter in the book dedicated to engagement. Can you share one way of boosting engagement at an event?

  • The book contains lots of tips to help your readers. What's your favourite tip and why?

  • Section 3 focuses on dealing with challenging behaviour. What's your favourite technique to use?

  • What's next for The Fearless Facilitator?

Download the questions

Sample Interview Qs



I'm deeply honoured by your interest for an interview. When I’m doing our interview it’s the most important thing in the world to me.


I’m committed to making you the hero and your audience the focus. I’m here to serve you, not the other way around. While I have some suggested topics below, I'm happy to discuss any particular needs or areas of interest with you. Ultimately, I want to do my job well, and ensure your audience gains value from the interview. Example topics:

  • How to increase attendee engagement at events

  • How to overcome a fear of public speaking

  • How to take the stress away from Q&A

  • How to deal with difficult behaviour during your events

  • How to create a positive atmosphere at your events

I’ve created this online media room to make your job easier. If you need anything else, please email me:

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