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The Fearless Facilitator

Gain the confidence, skills and techniques to lead any event.

The book will show you how to prepare an event to avoid challenging situations. It will also show you how to cope with difficult questions and challenging behaviours.



Part I - Helps you prepare for your next event to ensure it runs smoothly and you prevent challenging situations from occurring.

Part II - Provides you with six proven strategies to field difficult questions.

Part III - Provides you with over ten different techniques to deal with challenging participant behaviour.


5 Top Tips To Keep Your Group Engaged

Getting your group's attention can be challenging enough, but keeping them engaged throughout your event can be tough. Learn how to boost your group's engagement with these easy-to-apply top tips.

5 Questions To Ask Before Scheduling Your Next Event

Get the results you need from your next event by answering the 5 key questions that will make or break it's success.

Coming soon

5 Ways To Increase Your Impact Virtually

Learn how to stand out from the crowd when you lead your next virtual event. Create the impact you need to lead and influence others effectively. 

5 Ways To Handle Presenter Nerves

Standing up and speaking in front of others can be challenging for most people. Learn how to overcome your nerves and present like a pro.

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