I help new leaders develop their people skills so they can achieve greater collective success.




Hi, I'm Paul, I love making a positive difference to the people I help. To see someone's face light up when they realise they can do something they thought wasn't possible is an amazing feeling. It's why I do what I do. 

I'm an author, coach and speaker who elevates leaders to become highly effective in front of others. I've developed the skills and techniques that will give you the confidence and ability to succeed as a leader by:

- Building effective relationships quickly 

- Developing trusting teams

- Delivering persuasive presentations 

- Facilitating engaging team events


Enabling you to get the results you need.


Gain the confidence and skills needed to lead your next event to success. The book will show you how to prepare for your event and help avoid challenging situations, which could derail it. The book will also show you how to address difficult questions and handle challenging behaviours.

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To be a successful leader, you need to learn how to communicate and connect with others. If you can bring people together, motivate them and get them engaged, you will increase your influence and impact as a leader and deliver great results. 

The 1+1 = 3 Leadership System is designed to help you achieve greater collective success by making your team greater than the sum of its parts, adding huge value to your team, your customers and your Organisation. 


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The 1+1= 3 Leadership System: Coaching and Guidance


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